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When animals invade your house, their urine and feces (droppings) are left behind which can contaminate your drywall and insulation, and especially squirrels and rats may expose electrical wiring, destroy your air conditioning ductwork, and other problems. Squirrels and rats are infamous for causing the most amounts of damage mainly due to their need to chew. If raccoons are not removed or trapped quickly they can damage large amounts of insulation from their nesting. After the animal has been removed safely from your crawl space or attic and all of the entry points have been closed, then our team will be able to conduct a comprehensive attic restoration. You will need to ensure that all animal droppings are cleaned up and all surfaces are sanitized no matter what kind of animal has been inside of your attic.


Raccoon Attic Damage & Renovation


If there have been raccoons living inside of your attic, then having your attic cleaned is a good idea. When inhabiting an attic raccoons leave behind their waste. At times there is a raccoon latrine, where a majority of poop is piled in one specific spot. Other times it is spread across the entire attic. The same is true with urine. Sometimes it will spread all over, and at other times it is concentrated in one area. It is easy to get poop picked up and removed, due to the fact that the droppings are big. However, urine soaks into insulation or maybe even wood or sheetrock (drywall) inside the attic. Not all urine or feces can be removed by hand or will be accessible. This is when it is very important to clean up and the attic properly in order to get rid of the odor as well as conditions that are potentially unsanitary.
Please never touch raccoon feces. This is because it may contain raccoon roundworm, and that can infect humans, and cause awful symptoms like blindness. Contact a local professional to get free advice on how to properly clean and handle raccoon droppings. Click here if you would like to see photos for feces identification and raccoon droppings.
The waste may carry numerous zoonotic diseases. There are 42 important diseases at least that individuals get from handling or ingesting water or food that is contaminated by animal feces, like Campylobacter infection, that is contained in animal feces, and may cause gastrointestinal symptoms. Also, there is Leptospira infection. Humans may get infected through contact with insulation containing urine coming from infected animals. If leptospirosis is left untreated it can be very serious. Another potential problem is Salmonella infection, that people can get from coming into contact with various animal feces. The frequently severe gastrointestinal infection may severely damage young children’s kidneys. Raccoon droppings might contain raccoon roundworm (B. columnaris and Baylisascaris procyonis). The parasitic worm does and can infect people. Egg spores contained in raccoon droppings are lightweight and may become airborne, and can be breathed in by people and become infected. When humans are infected it may result in larval parasite migrating into the central nervous system. The egg spores may live as dry pods for years. Giardia lamblia is also carried by raccoons, which is a protozoan that causes diarrhea that is associated with consuming water or food that raccoon excrement has contaminated. Raccoons also host a number of different parasites, like fleas and lice.


Raccoon Urine: You obviously cannot pick raccoon pee up like you can turds. However, you can get rid of any insulation that is encrusted with urine from raccoons. It is smelly and might be a bit crystallized or crusty.

A lot of damage can be caused by raccoons apart from their waste. This damage can be fixed by a solid attic restoration job. I have an entire page of good photos of damage that is caused by raccoons inside of the attic. That includes destroying wood, taking the insulation out in areas, peeling insulation paper off, and the problems of urine and feces. Don’t take a chance, call Buzz Away to get your attic restored.

Health Hazards

When you have animal droppings inside of your attic, there are numerous health hazards that come with it. You run the risk of developing various disease due to intestinal parasites, mold, and bacterial contained inside of the droppings. Intestinal parasites, worms and their eggs inside of the dropping may live for as long as two years in your attic since they are very resistant to the surroundings. You may want us to hand this type of problem for you due to all of the health hazards that are associated with animal droppings.


In certain situations, all or some of the old insulation may need to be removed and new insulation installed due to all of the bacteria that will be retained from the feces and urine. The insulation will have to be installed correctly so that your house is cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. If your insulation is not restored to its original condition or not installed properly, then your house won’t be comfortable to be in and you might have a very high electrical bill.

Our Team Will Ensure That Your Attic Is Returned To Normal And Your House Is Comfortable

Buzz Away can ensure that your attic is clean and safe once again and that the animal exclusion that is conducted will ensure that no squirrel, raccoon, or rate will return ever again to your crawl space or attic.

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Anytime that critters make their way into a house they leave a big mess behind. This is where your wildlife removal needs to be followed up with a solid attic cleanup and restoration plan. Wildlife can all carry external and internal parasites like roundworm, leptospirosis, rabies, mites, ticks, fleas, etc. It may be dangerous to leave behind animal droppings since there is where numerous diseases, parasites, and bacteria can be found. Once an animal leaves, the scent will linger and other wildlife can be attracted. For example, rodents leave a pheromone type of scent behind that other rodents can be attracted to. Having your attic cleaned is a good idea. Buzz Away Wildlife Removal Services provides simple disinfecting spray and waste removal programs, ranging from full attic decontamination, restoration services including insulation replacement and removal. After your attic has been inspected, your technician can let you know about any damage and the kind of attic remediation/removal services might be needed to be done. Buzz Away Wildlife Removal Services provides comprehensive attic cleanup and restoration. We utilize professional safe methods for removing damaged insulation, which keeps the interior of your home free of debris and clean. We use hospital grade and environmentally friendly disinfectants which are safe for your family and pets. Call our wild removal specialists today for your free quote on new insulation.