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Our services include animal capture, nuisance wild animal control, dead animal removal, animal trapping and eliminating animals from your office or home. Our animal control experts are able to handle any type of wild animal situation, ranging from raccoons and squirrels to birds and bats. We also provide varmint control for those occasional alligator or snake problems. For each unwanted wildlife situation you have, we will identify what the point of entry was, remove or trap the animal, and then get animal damage prevention strategies implemented through repairing the area as well as getting rid of the entry for the unwanted wildlife to invade your space. We offer affordable and efficient solutions for the more common nuisance wildlife situations. The bat control services that we offer include bat trapping, bat removal, and bat proofing; we can help keep bats out permanently. We also can help you get rid of rodents, raccoons, squirrels, and any other type of animal that you might have to deal with. Our specialty is raccoons, and with our effective raccoon trapping strategies, raccoon removal, and raccoon control we can help keep the raccoons away for you. We are experts as well in getting rid of squirrel problems with our squirrel trapping, squirrel removal, and squirrel control techniques. Mice removal and mice control is also something that we can help you with. We can prevent the mice from returning and show you how to keep them out. If you have any raccoons, mice or squirrels, our Buzz Away professionals can help with all your critter removal problems!

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Due to state regulations bats can only be excluded from dwelling trapping is not allowed for further information please contact your local wildlife com conservation our company performs permanent exclusion to allow bats to naturally exit the dwelling and seal all other entry and exit points to rid and prevent bat colonies and all type of structures that’s need a hole slightly larger than a quarter to enter under roofing tiles attic spaces chimneys columns or any other way to live and colonize back colonies usually contain anywhere from 10 to a few 100 per colony April to August is their normal breeding season about problem in your home can be a hazard to your health It can be tricky to trap in remove a back in if about is found inside a room where people have been sleeping you should never try to do this contact your local certified wildlife professional and buzz a way to manage this procedure and the best possible way and to ensure your safety while best buzz away wildlife is on you.

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Squirrels are not aggressive, nevertheless they are capable of causing destruction they dig up nuts along with other things plus they could leave massive holes in your yard they might destruct blossoms along with other vegetation plus they could trample and eat out of your backyard and case you have bird feeders they might attempt to scale them they also like to chew on things such as birdhouses squirrels which get into homes will nest might chew on wooden beams that support the ceilings and walls there are harmful to both themselves and also to humans if they chew on electric cords or wires the normal squirrel when adult could be from 12 to 25″ logs squirrels are great climbers they’re generally muscular plus they have sharp claws squirrel color can differ from shades of black to grays reds and Browns if you have squirrels in the attic give us a call We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated company we also offer handyman and repair service for your everyday needs

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Animal removal from attic yard walls crawls space service area Charlotte, Cornelius, Statesville, Belmont, Gastonia, Matthews, mint hill, Salisbury, and many more… We’re a full-service wildlife and repair company squirrels in your attic? We evict them without notice… Bats in a vent or attic or your everyday handyman we got you covered.

Important Facts About The Damage Squirrels Can Cause

Squirrels often make their way into structures of all sorts, especially in the attics of homes. The team at Buzz Away has the tools and methods needed to rid attic spaces and other areas of squirrels altogether and stop them from returning.

Reasons For Squirrels In Attics?

Squirrels give birth to litters two times per year. This happens in the springtime and also in the fall. As such, they always need good, sheltered spots to construct nests. It is typical for squirrels to find their way into an attic just by chewing holes from external areas, including the space above a home’s gutters or in small gaps like the one between a dormer and a roof line. Sometimes, squirrels get into an attic by chewing a piece of trim work or another weakened point that yields to their effort.

Common Kinds Of Squirrel-Induced Damage

Particularly vulnerable to damage from squirrels is the insulation found in attics. They are also known for chewing wiring that is housed in the attic. Worse, though, is the scope of damage squirrels are able to do to the external part of the attic. With every additional litter born, squirrels will continue to branch out and seek space to construct nests of their own. Failure to halt the expansion of the squirrel population will lead to additional holes being opened all around the attic space. The longer an infestation is allowed to continue, the greater the number of entry points will be created.

Knowing When Squirrels Are Present

If you have not spotted actual points of entry around your house, you might be unaware of the squirrels living in your attic. That is until you start hearing their sounds. Clients often report that they tend to hear squirrels most during the early morning hours when they head out to find sources of food. They make quick, scratching noises that can be heard in the spaces below. This is particularly easy to hear when the attic is considered finished, complete with beams and flooring.

Eliminating Squirrels From An Attic

Perhaps the most effective method of eliminating a squirrel population from an attic is to use traps and take them far away from the customer’s house. The professionals at Buzz Away make use of industry-leading trapping methods designed to get any and all squirrels that have reached the attic space. All possible points of entry are identified and monitored, and the holes are all sealed once we believe every squirrel to have been successfully trapped.

One-way doors are another great way to rid an attic of squirrels. These are placed at all points of entry to an attic. Once a squirrel leaves the space, they are prevented from returning by the door’s design. The only downside is that enterprising squirrels can sometimes get around the problem by chewing yet another hole elsewhere.

Damage Repair Strategies By Buzz Away

We are committed to offering our clients lasting repairs that prevent re-entry of squirrels but that are also in keeping with the home’s overall appearance. Our technicians utilize materials that have an appealing look but are equally effective in keeping squirrels away for good. It is usually the case that the help of a carpenter is unnecessary in completing this type of repair.

The Buzz Away team also provides repair of insulation damage following eradication of a squirrel infestation. Get in touch today to learn if we are able to help in this realm. We have what it takes to solve your squirrel issues. If you believe there may be a population of squirrels taking up residence in your attic space.

Our team looks forward to telling you more about all of the squirrel removal options we can provide.

Information On Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is nicknamed the “Queen City” for good reason. The city calls its own shots and does not follow anybody’s footsteps. For example, Charlotte folks refer to their downtown as their “Uptown”. The city’s name symbol has a crown on top of it. They have an angry hornet as their basketball team’s mascot. It does not matter if you were born and raised here, or have just moved from somewhere else, or are just traveling through, you don’t know Charlotte until you learn about some of the city’s colorful history that defined what it is today.

On the outside, Charlotte looks modern and new. However, it is rich in history. The Old South has deep roots going all the way back to the time prior to the American Revolution. It was not until after the Civil War when the city became a junction for the railroad and a hub for the cotton mill, that the New South started to emerge.

Charlotte is now considered one of the country’s biggest financial hubs. It boasts a growth rate that can rival that of any other city in the U.S. People from around the country and the world come to Charlotte every day.

The city is non-stop. It continues to evolve with so much energy and potential that it draws people in. You can’t help but want to be a part of it so that you can make your own mark on the city.

Why Call It “The Queen City”?

This moniker alludes to the fact that its community is older than the country itself.

Back in the days when the colonies were still ruled by King George III, people from Europe settled here in 1768 and created a charter. They anointed their new home with the name “Charlotte” after the wife of King George, who was Queen Charlotte. The area around the town was named Mecklenburg, which is to honor the Queen’s birth city in Germany.

Where Did The Uptown Come From?

The heart of the city, the Center City, still consists of square blocks grouped together in a grid pattern. This was how the town began back in the colonial days. The main street, Tryon Street, was named after the state’s first governor of the colony, William Tryon. You can see this on a map.

It is interesting to note that Tryon Street runs diagonally parallel to a low ridgeline and does not line up with the compass like other colonies. The reason for this is that the street follows an important trading route, called the Nations Path, of many native American tribes at that time, including the Catawba. The route started in the state of Georgia and went up towards the Chesapeake Bay. When you drive on Interstate 85, you are traveling this trade route.

This leads to why Charlotte calls its downtown its “Uptown.” It’s because of Tyron Street running along this ridgeline. If you go to the very heart of the city where Independence Square is, from any direction, you will be gradually traveling upward.