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Squirrel Removal Service in Asheville North Carolina


Squirrels are one of the more common wildlife animals that can be found in the Asheville NC area and reside in close proximity to humans in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

Asheville NC Squirrel removal service by BUZZ AWAYAlthough they play a critical role within the ecosystem when it comes to improving new vegetation growth and soil health, squirrels can sometimes be problematic for individuals whenever they build their nests on properties. Squirrels often go on lawns or into homes whenever they feel like it. They don’t honor people’s privacy. Instead, they find their way inside of your basement or attic and often build their nests there and love that they are protected against the


A normal adult squirrel can range from 12 up to 25 inches in length. Squirrels are very avid climbers. They are also usually muscular and have very sharp claws. The color of squirrels can range from various shades of black, gray, brown, and red. They have very thick hair and bushy tails. Their underbellies are usually quite different from their coat color.

There are three unique classes of squirrels in the Asheville NC area. These three classes are flying squirrels, ground squirrels, and tree squirrels. All three of these species have the total capacity for exerting mass destruction onto your lawn. Fox squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, and red squirrels can all cause serious damage to both your lawn and house.

Asheville NC Squirrels can be the cause of many different problems:

  1. Inhabit Houses – Usually, squirrels lived in wooded areas and make their nest in trees. However, they will often establish themselves in garages or attics of homes, where they will take up shelter and store their food.
  2. Gnaw on walls, stored items, wires and/or cables – Similar to other types of rodents such as mice and rats, squirrels are capable of inflicting a lot damage through gnawing on electrical wiring and cables, sprinkler heads, items that are in storage, and on a structures interior and exterior walls as well.
  3. Noisy and aggressive – Squirrels are noisy and may bite when they are cornered by someone.
  4. Dig up gardens and landscape – Squirrels are known to sometimes dig up garden beds and also damage vegetable gardens and fruit-bearing trees.
  5. Strip bark – Another thing that squirrels will sometimes do is strip bark off of ornamental plants and trees.

Buzz Away Squirrel Removal Service Asheville NC

Squirrel Removal Service Asheville NCAny squirrel infestation inside of your house can cause you potential health concerns and place you at risk of your home and personal belongings from being damaged. However, you don’t need to worry. Industry-leading procedures have been developed by Buzz Away to remove squirrels off your property.

Whether squirrels have infested either your business or home, a Buzz Away Technician can help you remove the squirrels from your property and make recommendations to prevent from becoming infested once again with squirrels.

Regular training sessions are attended by Buzz Away staff to keep them up-date on all of the most effective and latest pest control solutions available. All squirrel removal services performed by Buzz Away follow municipality and state regulations and all of the technicians who perform services that involve wildlife management have been certified for this work since the state requires it.

Ground squirrels vs. Tree Squirrels

So what are the differences between ground squirrels and tree squirrels? Ground squirrels nest underground and are burrowers, in contrast to their tree squirrel cousins. Ground squirrels, along with their nesting habits are also distinct from tree squirrels through their less bushy and shorter tails.

The preferred habitat of ground squirrels is brushy areas or open fields, which are not usually found in damp areas or in the forest. Ground squirrels may become nuisance pest whenever they start to reside around gardens, golf courses, lawns, and building foundations.

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