Squirrel removal service


Squirrels inhabit homes most frequently during the fall, winter, and spring and are often heard in the attic right around sunrise and sunset, and occasionally throughout the day as well.

Bat Removal Services, animal removal service


The first obvious signs of a bat infestation may be the presence of guano (bat droppings) or a musky unpleasant odor especially when rainy. Buzz Away, bat and critter removal services.

Raccoon Removal Service


If chirping sounds are heard in an attic or crawlspace, this may indicate the presence of Raccoons  they may leave claw marks along a soffit or fascia when entering a structure. Paw prints on downspouts of gutters can indicate the presence of raccoons. Buzz Away provides you with the most effective raccoon eradication services.

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    DUCKS & BIRDS removal service

    ducks & Birds

    Birds are commonly seen feeding in the park or perching on a power line. When large numbers of birds collect, they can quickly create problems. Birds can be noisy and roosting habits and their frequent defecation may cause damage to structures and their contents.

    Opossum removal service, animal removal service


     They may have as many as ten young at a time. Which are carried in their pouch at until they become too large and then ride on the mother’s back. They will inhabit many of the same places as raccoons.

    Bees & Wasp Removal Service


    Our bee removal service is in demand due to large numbers of attacks on humans and pets. Attacks normally happen by accidentally stumbled upon bees while walking the dog, mowing the lawn, or intrusion into living spaces.

    Dead animal removal service

    dead animals

    Rats are one of the most annoying, damaging and widespread rodents in the United States. People do not often see rats, but signs of their presence are easy to detect.

    Rats mice rodent removal services

    rats / mice

    Rats and mice are one of the most annoying, damaging and widespread rodents in the US. People do not often see rats, but signs of their presence are easy to detect. Buzz Away provides permanent rodent removal services.

    Reptiles snakes removal service


    At Buzz Away we provide pest removal services for many types of reptiles, mainly snakes, that are invading the environment of many of the native species.

    Armadillo Removal Service


    Armadillos are considered a pest due to their habit of digging, burrowing, and  excavating. Armadillos use their sharp claws to dig for food, such as grubs, and to dig dens.

    Flying squirrels removal service

    flying sQUIRRELS

    Flying squirrels, while entertaining and adorable, are capable of considerable amounts of damage to your home and to your yard. In the yard, flying squirrels have been known to strip a tree of all its bark, dig holes in your lawn and terrorize your bird feeders and gardens.

    Skunk Removal service


    At Buzz Away our skunk removal services trap the skunks in live cage traps, and relocate them. It's actually pretty easy to do, and safer and more effective than trying to kill the skunk.

    attic restorations

    When these animals invade your home,they leave behind their feces (droppings) and urine which contaminate your insulation and drywall, as well animals especially rats and squirrels can destroy your A/C duct work, expose electrical wiring and much more. 

    gutter cleaning

    We specialize in both Commercial Gutter Cleaning, and Residential Gutter Cleaning.Our trained gutter technicians have the know-how and experience to make sure your gutters are cleaned and flushed properly. 

    Wildlife removal Services south CAROLINA 

    Wildlife Management Services

    At Buzz Away we specialize in pest removal and solving a range of wildlife critter problems The services we offer include animal capture, nuisance wild animal control, dead animal removal, animal trapping and eliminating animals from your office or home. Our animal control experts are able to handle any type of wild animal situation, ranging from raccoons and squirrels to birds and bats. We also provide varmint control for those occasional alligator or snake problems. For each unwanted wildlife situation you have, we will identify what the point of entry was, remove or trap the animal, and then get animal damage prevention strategies implemented through repairing the area as well as getting rid of the entry for the unwanted wildlife to invade your space. We offer affordable and efficient solutions for the more common nuisance wildlife situations. The bat control services that we offer include bat trapping, bat removal and bat proofing; we can help keep bats out permanently. We also can help you get rid of rodents, raccoons, squirrels, and any other type of animal that you might have to deal with. Our specialty is raccoons, and with our effective raccoon trapping strategies, raccoon removal and raccoon control we can help keep the raccons away for you. We are experts as well in getting rid of squirrel problems with our squirrel trapping, squirrel removal and squirrel control techniques. Mice removal and mice control is also something that we can help you with. We can prevent the mice from returning and show you how to keep them out. If you have any raccoons, mice or squirrels, our Buzz Away professionals can help with all your critter removal problems! We provide Wildlife Control Services, animal exterminators in your area

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